About Hope 4 The Wounded Conference Bringing HOPE to children beyond 'at-risk' with schools & community agencies through trauma-informed practices & strategies. Be inspired to be the difference!

Dr. Joe Hendershott Invites You to Attend the Hope 4 The Wounded – Reaching Children Beyond At-Risk Conference 

I would like to personally invite you to the 2019 Hope 4 The Wounded: Reaching Children Beyond At-Risk Conference in Columbus, Ohio! This conference will be full of trauma-informed strategies presented by mental healthcare professionals, juvenile justice, and educational practitioners hand-selected based on their current successful practices and passion for reaching wounded children. My hope is that you walk away from this conference feeling encouraged, empowered, and equipped to position children who have encountered childhood trauma to experience HOPE and transformation in their lives.

Professionally, I have been working with wounded youth since the inception of my career as a teacher at a private school and then at a juvenile correctional facility. I have also been a school administrator in a multitude of urban, rural, alternative, and correctional/residential settings, which has proven to me that childhood trauma does not discriminate. I have continued studying and researching brain development, empathy, the effects of trauma on the learning process, and compassion fatigue since 2006 when I first began providing training on the topic. All of these professional experiences have fueled my passion for children who have encountered childhood trauma and those who work with them in various capacities. Little did I know when I started that this passion would also become personal as my wife and I have had the privilege of welcoming children into our family who have known “hard” in their early, formative years. Being a licensed foster and adoptive parent has given me a unique lens for translating my professional experiences to audiences across the globe. In addition to opening the conference with a foundational training session based on the information contained in my books, you’re invited to sign up for a special post-conference session with me (space is limited) on Wednesday morning to dive deeper into building our personal and professional capacity to reach wounded children while attending to our own self-care.

This conference promises to be both inspiring and challenging, but that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Each of us has the unique privilege to be an agent of change in our sphere of influence, and I am honored that you are considering this conference to feed your desire to bring HOPE 4 the wounded. Be inspired to be the difference!

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice. Social justice to me should start with the children in our schools. This is where they should understand that we have an equal playing field and that their hopes and dreams can be realized during these formative years.”~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.



For Joe & Dardi Hendershott, Hope 4 The Wounded is not a career. It’s a life calling. And seemingly to their astonishment, it’s becoming a national movement.

Joe has an extensive background working firsthand with at-risk and wounded youth as a teacher and administrator in traditional, alternative, and correctional education settings. He has been a high school assistant principal, head principal, alternative school principal, and a principal at The Village Network. 

In 2006, he co-founded Hope 4 The Wounded, LLC with his wife, Dardi. He has been a featured presenter at international and national conferences and has conducted staff training/professional development on understanding and working with wounded students, leadership, emotional literacy, empathy, esteem, inclusive communities, and other topics relevant to today’s educational climate.

Joe has written two acclaimed books, Reaching the Wounded Student (Eye on Education, 2008)   and 7 Ways to Transform the Lives of Wounded Students (Routledge/Taylor & Francis, 2016).

He is a keynote speaker at conferences across the United States. He also offers consultant services and professional development training for schools & communities in person and through an online certificate program. Everything is focused on trauma-informed practices for children beyond at-risk that lead to HOPE for the wounded student.

For more information on Hope 4 The Wounded, please visit the website here.


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